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Connect product creators & enthusiasts to facilitate the early-feedback requirements of new products & features,

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Why this program?

A Creators Of Products initiative to encourage & support product creators
looking for alpha users and early user-feedback.

Also, provides an excellent platform for product enthusiasts to work with product creators on their products and go through the product creation journey.

User Feedback/validation

Test functionality and user journey of entire product or a particular feature within the product

Newer Perspectives

More ideas and perspectives on creating the product and its features

No Charges

This program, like everything else in the community is free! 


Establish a mutually beneficial relationship with product creators / enthusiasts



Product Creators

Founders, PMs, Startups, Companies in need of alpha / beta testing of their products
Focused pool of product enthusiasts
Set specific tasks for your Alpha Users for when they use your product
Interview Alpha Users after your set task is completed
Periodic review of the Alpha User pool
Absolutely no charges
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Alpha Users

Product enthusiasts with the zeal to try out new products.
Get early access to innovative products before everybody else
Get a chance to learn how companies validate their products
Be a part of an exclusive community of product enthusiasts, PMs
and founders
Get recognized by companies for your contributions as an Alpha User
Absolutely no charges
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Every alpha test is different and every creator has a unique requirement. But, do not worry!
We will take note of these requirements from the creators and pass them on to the alpha users on their groups with instructions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Creators

What are the charges for opting in for this program?

There is no cost for joining this program. You may fill up and Google form with your requirements and someone from our team will connect with you and be in touch for every step in the testing phase.

How many Alpha testers can I request?

For now, we are limiting this pool to 20 Alpha Users per test. We will let you know when this number increases in the future.

What is the duration for which I can request Alpha testers?

For now, we are setting the duration for each product to a maximum of 7 days. We might be increasing this in the future.

What is the process flow for Alpha Users Program?

Once you fill the form for the Creators, one of our team members will get in touch with you to understand the process of on-boarding the volunteers in detail. S/He will then coordinate with you to ensure a smooth testing experience throughout the process.

How do I recognize the volunteers who contributed in the testing for the product?

Thank you! We always appreciate and support that the efforts of individuals are recognized. There are various ways in which you may recognize the efforts put in by our volunteers - you may share a digital certificate, or have a shout-out on social media with the individual’s names. Any other mutually agreed upon way might work as well 😄

Alpha Users

What are the charges for opting in for this program?

There is no charges involved for being a part of this program. You may fill up the Google form to join our group and someone from our team will be in touch with you for every step in the testing phase.

Will I be paid for testing a product?

Our Alpha Users Program is a volunteer program with no charges for the product creators. Simultaneously, we do not pay our volunteers but try to compensate for their time and efforts by ensuring the product creator recognizes their efforts.

Will I be part of all product tests while being a part of this program?

Once you fill our Google form for the Alpha Users, we will add you to our exclusive pool of volunteers. For every product test request that we receive, we will float a separate form in this group along with the details of the product. Mini-groups of up to 20 volunteers for each product test will then be created on a first-come-first-served basis.

Will my details be stored by the product creator post the testing phase?

The form to opt in for each product test will have an option to declare if you are comfortable with your personal details being stored by the creator post the testing phase. If you are not, we will convey the same to the creator on your behalf.

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