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Creators with rich expertise and experience in any area of work
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Product enthusiasts with the curiosity to constantly learn new things
Learn alongside other supportive, like-minded and curious folks
Gain access to experts teaching skills that are hot in the market
Give back to the community by becoming a creator yourself!
Most importantly, learning along with others is a LOT of fun
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Learn to ship stunning websites using Webflow

Webflow is a No-Code platform that lets you build and ship responsive websites in lightning fast time.

Through this CroPro cohort, you will learn the core concepts of webflow, solve interesting assignments, familiarize yourself with the platform and at the end, work on a keystone project that you can share with the world! 

P.S : Your keystone might also help you land your dream job as well 😉

For Beginners
Cohort 1 : Starts on 8 Jan, 2022
Cohort size : 30 seats We are sold out!
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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any qualifiers or criteria to becoming a cohort creator?

Great question! Short answer - Yes. We would expect from you to demonstrate expertise, experience, creativity and commitment.

- Expertise - You should have expertise in your domain. (Share with us your body of work to help us with this) 
- Experience - Prior experience teaching to a group of people. (Don't sweat it if you haven't, we've got you covered) 
- Creativity - You will need to be creative in how you teach and make the learning interactive for your learners.
- Commitment - A cohort is a commitment. Your learners will depend on you for their learning. It is important that you remain available during the length of the cohort until it is completed.

What support can I expect from Creators of Products during the cohort-based course?

We will help you understand what the community is looking for, help you with logistics and the launch. All you have to focus on is teaching to your cohort! 

Would these cohort-based courses be paid for the learners?

No. As a community, we do not charge for any of our initiatives. Cohorts that would be conducted as part of this initiative would be free for all.


What are the charges for signing up for a cohort?

There is no charges involved for signing up to a cohort. Every cohort conducted as part of this initiative will be free of cost for learners.

I have applied to a cohort. This means that I will be part of the cohort, right?

Since our cohorts are free, the seats available for each cohort are also limited. We do spend a lot of time selecting the folks who will be part of each cohort. We would highly recommend that you apply as soon as the cohort you're interested in is announced.

What should I do if I am not selected for a cohort?

We will try our best to arrange a session with our course instructors. Meanwhile, you can also join the waitlist by visiting the specific cohort page and if there is enough interest, we will work towards conducting another cohort where you will be given first preference.

What is the best way to discuss and implement the cohort learnings?

You could write a Twitter thread, an article or even record a video! Our recommendation is that you Join our slack community. We have a vibrant community where lots of discussions are happening everyday around interesting topics.