Webflow cohort : From the basics to the classics

"The tools for learning are abundant. It's the desire to learn that's rare."
- Sam Altman

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Who is this for?

Product Managers
Startup Founders
Product Enthusiasts
Anyone involved in Product creation

There would be 4 stages in this cohort

You will need to dedicate 6-8 hours/week to be able to learn and practice what is being taught.

Stage 1

- Fundamentals of a website
- Intro to No-Code.
- Current Landscape.
- Webflow basics

Stage 2

- Learning the 'box' model
- Margin vs padding
- Breakpoints and inheritance
‍- Take home assignment

Stage 3

- Flexbox
- Grids
- Classes and styles
- Take home assignment 2

Stage 4

- KeyStone Project
- Final submissions
- Graduation 🥳

Meet The Instructors

Vamsi Krishna

Product Manager @Flipkart

Vamsi is a Webflow developer and has in the past, worked on projects such as 'heal' as part of the India Covid Resources initiative to provide help to people dealing with pandemic stress. He also consults startups around No-Code and everything Webflow.

Shivkumar H

Product Designer @Prometheus Alts

Also a Webflow developer, Shiv has been a no-code consultant, helping people understand the space and its impact on their projects and businesses.


I am not familiar with No-code.
Can I still join?

Yes, absolutely. This cohort is for beginners. We will help you understand and get familiar with the current No-Code landscape.

Is this a paid course?

Free, free, free! We charge you nothing to join and complete this course. We only need your time and the willingness to learn 💡

How long is this cohort for?

This cohort will be held on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and will be spread out over a period of 2-3 weeks.

Should I have a webflow account?

Yes, and it's absolutely free! You can visit the Webflow Login page and create your account in minutes.

Should I be familiar with Webflow concepts?

We will help you get started from scratch. But, if you know a bit of Webflow already, it is an added bonus.

Who should I reach out to in case of concerns?

If it is regarding the cohort, you can reach out to the instructors. If it is a general query, our volunteers will be able to help you.