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A program of, for and by the community for those who want to learn and grow in their careers. Psst, it is not just for Product Managers 😇

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A Creators Of Products initiative to encourage & support product creators
looking for alpha users and early user-feedback.

Also, provides an excellent platform for product enthusiasts to work with product creators on their products and go through the product creation journey.

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FAQs about the program

Is the mentorship program paid or free?

There is no cost for joining this program. It is completely free.

In which areas will I get mentorship in? Is it just for Product Management?

This program aims to bring together mentors from various job functions like Design, Engineering, Marketing/Growth, Product Management and Founders to help you with your career progression.

Who is the program for?

The Mentorship Program is for anyone wanting to learn and grow in their careers.
The minimum requirement criteria are as follows :
Mentor – Minimum 5yrs+ total experience
Mentee – Anyone. Including mid-career folks

How much time would a mentor need to set side aside for a mentee per week?

We would recommend that a mentor set aside 1-2 hours for a mentee and a minimum of 30 minutes atleast per week